(100) Days of Happiness

This is not a happiness story. This is a story about happiness.

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Everyday Sexism in Just 9 Illustrations

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When we were children, we listened to the stories our mothers told. We wished so badly to be the princess, beautiful, and loved by all people. We wanted to live in a tower, books and talking animals our friends. Hoping the prince would come, the hero who swoops in and saves the day. But as time went on, we came to learn the prince can’t always be relied upon. You got left waiting in the tower, while the prince ran off and had his fun. So we climb down proud and strong, the heroes have left us to our own devices, and so we came to the realization, that a Hero can be anyone. So we don’t need the prince to slay the dragon, we’re just as capable as any man. We are the heroes of the adventure, and we can write the story on our own.”

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The internet’s most beloved geek, Wil Wheaton, calls out misogyny in gaming, and confronts the men who attack him for doing so. Incredible. 

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fitness blog :)

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fitness blog :)

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This movie came out nearly 30 years ago and this statement is STILL true.

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